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1:1 Digital Paperless Elementary Classroom Blog Series

1:1 Digital Paperless Elementary Classroom – Caring for Technology

Welcome back to the blog series! Today’s topic is Caring for Technology! Depending on the types and amounts of devices you will be responsible for in your classroom you need to have a plan to keep them clean, updated, charged and more! This is no different than establishing your typical classroom rituals and routines at the beginning of the school year. It’s exactly the same thing, just for expensive devices. Cleaning Devices: This is something that I’m passionate about because…

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1:1 Digital Paperless Elementary Classroom – The Beginning

Welcome to the Blog Series…. Today’s topic… Are you moving towards a 1:1 Classroom? Or are you there? Well, if you are there or you are going to be there, I believe you are here reading this blog post today because you are in the beginning and feeling a bit overwhelmed. I know it’s hard not to worry, but give yourself credit for taking on this adventure! Your feelings are completely normal and will change over time! This quote is…

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