Building Vocabulary [ACADEMIC VOCABULARY]

I’m linking up with my friends Ashley from One Sharp Bunch & Elyse from Proud to be Primary today! Today’s Teacher Talk is all about Building Vocabulary.

So what’s the big deal? It is a BIG DEAL!!! I can tell you I am a faithful advocate of ACADEMIC VOCABULARY!

I feel like every time I turn around from doing anything in my daily job, I always go back to academic vocabulary. You can be the best teacher in the world, but if your students cannot make meaning of the academic vocabulary in oral or written questions, they cannot share the knowledge they gained from their learning experiences as a scholar.

If you want your students to construct meaning & compose meaning that you know they are capable of, you have to teach the academic vocabulary!

Students have to be able to transition in & out of “language registers” with ease to be successful. Students have a language they use at home, with friends, in sports & so on. They need to transition into the formal language at school. The formal language needs to include ALL of the academic vocabulary throughout your school building.

I previously wrote a blog post about how & why I implement Academic Language at my school. Click HERE to read all about it!

Below I have wrote down my “Top 23” instructional strategies for teaching Academic Vocabulary that you can implement daily in your classroom.

Click on the photo above or HERE to download a copy!
Be sure to visit all of my blogger friends below in the Link-Up to see their ideas for building vocabulary!


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    Elyse Rycroft
    October 5, 2015 at 2:25 am

    Thanks so much for linking up and sharing your ideas about building academic vocabulary! It is very important for sure!!
    Elyse xo

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