About Me

Hello! I am Dianna, the face behind Sassy, Savvy, Simple Teaching.

Currently, I am a 5th Grade English Language Arts Educator in Tampa, Florida. Over the years in my career I have taught a variety of grade levels, as well as being an Inclusion Educator, Title I Reading Resource and Literacy Coach.

As my life changes frequently from being a USMC wife and mother, the various educational opportunities that I have had the opportunity to experience, have grown me into the well-rounded educator I am today.

I have a passion for literacy instruction in the elementary school setting. I love to learn from and with others. I also love to share my passion by working with children and teachers.

When I’m not at school or working at home, I enjoy crafts, outdoor activities with family & friends, fitness & sports. I have been inspired by so many people during my years in education and enjoy creating all sorts of things for school, that I wanted to share in hopes to give to others.

Thank you for visiting my page!