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10 Steps to a Paperless Classroom Library System

Our Classroom Library system is paperless! My students and I are enjoying this system with ease! There are a variety of ways to create a paperless classroom library, the system I decided to implement was using a QR Code and a Google Form. The benefits are: No paper copies per student housed in a binder or something similar. Students NEVER forget to check-in or check-out a book since they LOVE scanning the QR Code. I have an INSTANT and NEAT…

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The Best Teacher Ideas

The Best Teacher Ideas for your Classroom! Not only are these ideas simple to create, they are also cost-effective and improve your classroom management procedures and routines. I created these items for my own 5th Grade ELA classroom in no time and with little cost, which made me very happy considering the powerful outcome they have had. Try out these Teacher Ideas to simplify routines and procedures in your classroom! Make sure to Pin the images below to save these…

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Focus Board for the ELA Classroom!

As you scroll through the internet or Pinterest, you will find tons of ideas and version for a Focus Board. I discovered Focus Boards when I was a Reading Specialist and Literacy Coach. I found numerous ways that using a Focus Board in a classroom would be beneficial, so when I relocated to FL and returned to the classroom I knew I had to implement a Focus Board in my classroom! So I am here today to share with you…

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Improving Written Comprehension and Responses! [+ 2 FREEBIES!]

This post is for ALL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL TEACHERS WANTING TO INCREASE WRITTEN COMPREHENSION and RESPONSES!!! This post is full of ideas, suggestions and more to help improve student’s ability to compose text! Now, are you in NC like me? If so, everything below started from being involved in K-3 right here in NC. So this post is definitely geared towards you! If not, I’m pretty sure everyone involved in teaching the Common Core [or a variation of it], or giving…

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BOO-yah! You’ve Been BOOed! [FREE!]

Happy Halloween! I blogged today at my collaborative blog The Primary Pack! See below… It’s the season to spread some BOO! So get started SPOOKING a few! Start a little fun this season, put smiles on faces & TREATS at their places! It’s a great activity to build school morale with the entire staff! You can also play with your friends or neighbors too! Keep it a SECRET, nobody will ever know who BOOed who! It’s simple to get started,…

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