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Love Notes! Teaching Students for a Greater Purpose!

Hello Sassy, Savvy, Simple Teaching Fans! I’m a Dr. Sonia Martin, the author of “Love Notes: A Guide To Developing A Compassionate Heart And Teaching Students For A Greater Purpose” (scheduled to be released February 2017). [click on any of the photos below for a direct link] “Love Notes” takes readers on a spiritual and uplifting journey of rekindling the passion for teaching and learning. Readers will learn how to teach and lead with a compassionate heart and acquire a…

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The Harper Jane Line of Products! Pre-Kinder and Kindergarten!

Hello Friends~ Happy New Year to all! I’m wishing all of you a happy, healthy & successful 2015! I am here today to tell you about my new adventure of creations! They are all based around my little munchkin, Harper! Whether you are a Preschool teacher, Kindergarten teacher, Home-school mama or a working mama looking for extra practice for your young scholars I hope this line of products will help you. My little girl is 3 years old & it’s…

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