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Professional Learning and Presenting at the NC Reading Conference!

Professional Learning as I like to call it [instead of development] has become more and more of a passion of mine on my career path! One thing for example, ask my staff, I’m am pro reading and book study! As an Educator and Literacy Coach I am always choosing a book to read with my staff or on my own each semester and summer. I am always trying to improve my practice as well as be an example to my…

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Common Vocabulary in TRC Written Comp. Questions

Do you teach the academic language and vocabulary? Do you assess reading levels using TRC? Do you teach in NC? ***If you use another reading assessment other than TRC like DRA, Fountas & Pinnell, etc… This is still for YOU!*** Rationale of Academic Language and Vocabulary! The emphasis on teaching the academic language and vocabulary has never been higher than now. Students need to be able to make meaning of the language and vocabulary in the standards and on academic assessments in order to…

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Data Meetings and Analyzing Data

Truth: We collect all this data and leave it because of time constraints. Truth: We collect all this data and don’t change instruction for various reasons. Truth: We collect all this data and just look at it briefly until next time. Does this sound familiar? It’s very common, data can be time consuming and the purpose of it is hard to get to sometimes. Do you, your team or school struggle with analyzing data? Do you hold Data Meetings? Many educators…

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Teaching Students to Construct Written Response to Text!

Welcome friends! Today I am talking about constructing written responses and why it is important! After reading this post click HERE to read my second post about improving written responses and grab 2 FREEBIES! Written response is viewed as the highest level of comprehension because students are able to communicate in writing their learning and viewpoints. With this assessment format students are forced to demonstrate the extent of their knowledge. Having students explain their thinking in an assessment is more valuable…

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Balance Training! The Secret Powers of the Tightrope! [BALANCED LITERACY!]

Part 1: Professional Development Recap If you are new to teaching or a veteran teacher, hopefully at some point you have been introduced to Balance Literacy. It’s nothing new, an oldie but goodie that unfortunately is overlooked in many instructional approaches daily in classrooms. Sometimes it’s because of time constraints, overwhelmed with non-instructional tasks, tired and defeated or the passion and love is gone. A balanced literacy approach gives access to learning for all students. It’s a form of differentiation in which…

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